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ABA is the gold standard of autism treatment.
Even so, we’re raising the bar

Referring your client to Acorn Health simply, securely

Acorn Health is a network of ABA providers setting new standards and offering new hope for a generation of children with autism. We provide center-based services, in-home services, and telehealth.

To make the intake and admission process as smooth as possible for you and your client, use this secure form. Please be assured we always respect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA regulations.

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You may also call us at (844) 244-1818

Fax — (888) 316-2118

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Responding to you

Our one-day promise

An Acorn Health admissions representative will let you know we received your referral and will follow up with you within one business day.

What your clients can expect

Each potential client undergoes a phone screening, followed by an in-person consultation and individual assessment.

  • Admissions representatives conduct the screening
  • Our behavior analyst will co-create a treatment plan with each family
  • Upon approval from the insurance provider, we will start services
  • If you or your client provide your name and contact information, a member of the Acorn team will reach out to you upon admission, throughout treatment and upon discharge

How Acorn Health measures progress: our Behavioral Health Index

Download the Behavioral Health Index

Another New ABA Standard

With the consistent, evidence-based intervention of ABA, a child’s behavior, language and social interactions are all likely to improve. Acorn Health uses this “Behavioral Health Index” to track progress over time.

We developed it with the head of our Clinical Advisory Board, Gregory P. Hanley, Ph.D., director of the Behavior Analysis Doctoral Program at Western New England University and an adjunct professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Download the Behavioral Health Index

Why Acorn Health

Our values

People seek out those that share their values. Here are ours.

We are authentic


We present our true, consistent selves. Everyone hungers for genuine connections.

We are accountable


We keep our promises, and can be trusted with the life and future of a child.

We are a team


The best outcomes are produced by people who collaborate with enthusiasm.

We are always adapting


We know the needs of children and their families are unique and ever-changing.

We move quickly


In autism care and treatment, time is always of the essence. We do things now.

The Acorn Approach

With a Clinical Advisory of leaders in the field, we established five foundational pillars and a bedrock principle: accountability.


We’re in
this together


Your child is
one of a kind


We are


What matters
is progress


We create
lasting change

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