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January 16, 2024

Acorn Health Expanded Access to Care Across the Nation in 2023

CORAL GABLES, Fla., January 16, 2024 — Acorn Health, a provider of high-quality applied behavioral analysis in seven states, continued along its strategic journey in 2023 of responsible growth and ABA therapy accessibility.

“As Acorn Health clinics take on more clients, the need to renovate, expand and move some centers becomes necessary,” said Krista Boe, BCBA, chief clinical officer. “This year, we identified three clinics approaching the end of their leases and in need of more space. This presented an opportunity to seek sites where we could create different clinic layouts to better serve our clients in those locations.” 

This past year, Acorn relocated three centers in: Cookeville, Tennessee; East Orange, Florida; and Saginaw, Michigan. The common theme in these relocations was creating dedicated spaces for group activity and individual sessions within these centers. According to Boe, having designated areas for exercises related to social skills and self-care is a better approach for the therapies used to achieve clients’ goals.  

Acorn Health also opened four new centers this year in: Allentown, Pennsylvania; Lake Mary, Florida; North Baltimore, Maryland; and St. Johns, Florida. The new locations share similar layouts to the relocated centers, offering sensory gyms and smaller rooms to work on school readiness.  

“These new centers are part of our growth strategy as well as our mission to ensure more children with autism have access to ABA therapy services in their communities,” added Boe.  

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About Acorn Health: 

Acorn Health is an accredited Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® offering both center-based and in-home services nationwide in more than 70 centers located throughout Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. Founded in 2018, Acorn is committed to providing industry-leading quality clinical care through applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy to give children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the opportunity to live more independent and meaningful lives.   

Cases of ASD are on the rise; according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, one in 36 children is living with ASD. ABA therapy, a program endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General, provides individualized plans for each patient based on agreed upon clear, measurable goals with the child’s family. Acorn Health uses its proprietary Behavioral Health Index to measure success in ways that are easily understood by families, clinicians and educators.  

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