May 7, 2021

    Acorn Health Is Opening 6 New Locations in 2021!

    Acorn Health is growing in and around markets where we already serve kids because of our mission to provide access to care to those in need.  Acorn Health projects the ability to serve an additional 160 families in the next 12 months with the expansion of these new locations. As our network grows, so does the ability to help children with autism, and many of them, sooner than they would have been able to receive treatment now that our locations are accessible. In each of these communities, clinicians will serve families in-center and in-home depending on their care needs.  Read More

    May 7, 2021

    The Value of Early Intervention ABA Therapy

    While early intervention therapy can be performed in either a highly structured setting or a more naturalistic setting such as a play environment, the most important aspect is that your child is relaxed and engaged. Our goal is to teach from joy — all children deserve to have access to enjoyable learning opportunities. The key to success for parents and children is consistency, whether it is 10 or 40 hours of therapy per week.   Early intervention ABA therapy will also teach parents how to teach their children how to learn appropriate behaviors in their own natural environment. Families can “graduate” from therapy once children are able to acquire new skills at an appropriate rate.   Read More

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