In Their Own Words: Employee Spotlight on Regional Director of Clinical Care Bailey Chapman, MA, BCBA, MI-LBA - Acorn Health

January 16, 2024

In Their Own Words: Employee Spotlight on Regional Director of Clinical Care Bailey Chapman, MA, BCBA, MI-LBA

Bailey Chapman, MA, BCBA

At Acorn Health, there are many knowledgeable and passionate members of our team who serve in different roles that all make a tremendous impact on our clients and their families.This series of blog posts introduces you to some of those special team members. 

Today, we get to know Bailey Chapman, who holds a clinical leadership role as Regional Director of Clinical Care.She’s previously held several positions at Acorn Health as she’s advanced her career throughout the years. Let’s meet and learn more about Bailey:

What is your role at Acorn Health?

I work within our clinical pillar as a Regional Director of Clinical Care. I specifically work with our Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, and Florida teams, coordinating and implementing clinical strategies that support our clinicians in the incredible work they do to deliver quality ABA therapy to the clients and families we serve.

What sparked your initial interest in working in ABA?

I always knew that I wanted to work with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Prior to starting in the field, I was pursuing occupational therapy. I had an internship through the health science program at my university and my placement was at an autism center. This is where I was first introduced to ABA, and I knew from then on it was the field for me! I was so interested in the science of behavior and understanding how this approach could be used to meaningfully and positively impact children and families’ lives. Everyday I am so happy that this is the path I chose.

What is an example from your experience in working at Acorn Health that demonstrates the organization’s commitment to clinical quality? 

Our partnership with our Clinical Advisory Board Chair Dr. Gregory Hanley, and his team at FTF Behavioral Consulting, makes it possible for us to provide ongoing and valuable continuing education opportunities to our clinicians that demonstrate our expertise and leadership in the ABA industry. This partnership allows our team to stay up-to-date on recent research and advances within our field. It is really inspiring to see how many clinicians attend these meetings, participate in conversations, ask questions, and above all, learn together! It shows me that our teams are committed to providing the best possible care to our clients and that we will continue to honor our commitment to remaining at the forefront of ABA therapy research and best practices. 

What has your career path been like at Acorn Health? How have you been able to grow and advance in your career?

I have worked for our organization for a little over six years now, and have achieved many professional accomplishments during that time and I’m proud and thankful for the growth opportunities I have had at Acorn Health. I started as an RBT, then progressed to BCBA, then clinical director, and now I am in my current role as regional director of clinical care. 

I have had some amazing mentors and leaders who have inspired me to lean into opportunities and move outside of my comfort zone. The teams I have worked with have also greatly impacted me and taught me the true meaning of teamwork and leadership. I wouldn’t be the clinician I am today without the amazing BCBAs and RBTs I have worked with at Acorn Health.

What new research or ABA therapy technique do you find particularly interesting/promising?

I think many clinicians at Acorn Health would agree, practical functional assessment (PFA) and skill-based treatment (SBT) have been exciting to learn about and apply in clinical settings. I was introduced to PFA and SBT in 2018 and I was thrilled with the results I was seeing. I am proud to work for an organization that has such an emphasis on training and developing our clinicians to implement SBT. I am passionate about treating severe problem behavior in a safe and dignified way for our clients and their families through PFA and SBT therapy approaches. 

What’s something you’d want parents to know about ABA therapy?

I would want parents to know that ABA therapy is an exciting journey. Their child will have so many opportunities to learn and develop new skills along the way, and watching their child progress along the way and meet their goals is an incredible experience. 

What’s the most common question that parents ask you about ABA therapy?

I think the most common question I’ve received is “what is my involvement in treatment?” Family involvement is a cornerstone of successful ABA therapy, from the onset of services through active treatment to graduation and  discharge planning. Our BCBAs will be in regular communication with caregivers to discuss what skills and goals are meaningful to them and their child, provide updates on progress, discuss modifications to their goals, and ultimately work with our families to teach them the skills to implement programming and interventions with their child at home or in their community. All of these touchpoints are an important piece of the ABA journey, and it is critical that we partner with our families in these ways to support their child’s success. 

How do the Acorn Health clients you serve inspire you?

Our learners inspire me every day. While I do not work directly with children in my current role, I do have the opportunity to observe our clients working hard everyday at Acorn Health. I am amazed to see how they work hard at ABA therapy, when so often, they have other types of therapy appointments and school obligations to also coordinate and put energy into. It’s inspiring to see our clients show up to sessions ready to learn, play, and engage.

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