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We Live, Work, and Serve In Michigan

As Acorn continues to grow across the United States, Michigan remains one of the regions where we have the largest footprint, allowing us to make the greatest impact. From our BCBAs to Clinical Directors, our qualified staff live and work in Michigan, serving families who are living and working in Michigan, too.

In 2007, Michigan was shown to have the 5th highest rate of autism compared to other US states, demonstrating the need for families and children to have applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy resources available nearby.

In 2012, autism insurance reform legislation in Michigan went into effect mandating that for-profit, commercial, HMO, and non-profit health insurance companies regulated by the state provide an autism benefit to its insured members, covering services related to the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through 18 years of age. That same year, Acorn Health opened its first Michigan center in Traverse City, and also began providing in-home services to the surrounding areas.

Board-certified ABA services

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Board-certified ABA services

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We have continually expanded our network to ensure as many children as possible have access to our quality ABA therapy services. Since 2012, we have grown to include 19 facilities throughout the state, all of which are fully staffed with Michigan-based friends and neighbors.

There is something special about everyone working together in each of our local communities to serve children with autism and their families. Acorn Health has strong relationships among local pediatricians, school districts, and other community professionals who support childrens’ ABA therapy and progress.

Board-certified ABA services

Our Michigan facilities are currently located in the following 19 locations, and we have plans to continue adding centers throughout the state in the future.

A New ABA Standard

Acorn Health's Behavioral Health Index

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To further demonstrate Acorn Health’s contributions to the autism community in Michigan, we are honored that the Michigan Behavior Analysis Providers Association (MiBAP), a nonprofit membership association that promotes the advancement of applied behavior analysis through advocacy, education and sharing of quality practices, recently voted our Behavioral Health Index (BHI) as their preferred standard to track ABA therapy progress over time. The BHI is a proprietary global tool developed by our team that measures tangible outcomes and progress of our patients over time. Family members, teachers and pediatricians can all reference this progress tool with their team at Acorn Health to report on the progress of the child over time as they receive ABA therapy.

Thought Leadership in Michigan

We are deeply invested in ensuring access to quality care in Michigan as well as serving as trusted thought leaders within some of the most impactful organizations in the state. For example, our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Clinical Officer, Krista Boe, has been reappointed to the Michigan Autism Council for the second time. The Council implements, monitors, and updates the Michigan ASD State Plan which provides for comprehensive support to individuals with ASD and their families through access to information and resources, Boe, also a Michigan resident, is a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology from Central Michigan University and a Master of Arts in Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University. She is passionate about serving her local Michigan community by ensuring there are Acorn Health locations nearby when families need a trusted ABA therapy provider to support their child.


Chief Clinical Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Partnering with Michigan School Districts

Acorn Health has made significant strides in partnering with local school districts, school boards, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to help more children with autism. One extremely impactful way we have done that is through our ABA in the Classroom program.

Our team has presented ABA in the Classroom, a train-the-trainer model, in seven school districts across Michigan since 2018. Through this impactful state grant-funded program, a talented group of Acorn Health BCBA trainers teach the principles and evidence-based interventions to school staff and professionals that they can then apply in their school districts.

Acorn Health has measured the impact of this program, and the benefits and results of ABA in the classroom are significant. Results show that in one Michigan school district specifically, they reported:

  • Reduction in referrals of students with ASD and other disabilities to out-of-district programs
  • Increased staff attendance
  • Increased staff retention
  • Decreased student detentions/suspension
  • High satisfaction of participants in ABA training

Get to Know A BCBA in Michigan

BCBA Program Supervisor, Northern Michigan

Acorn Health in Michigan includes highly qualified, passionate BCBAs and other staff members who are passionate about helping families navigating autism reach their highest potential. Get to know one of these incredible Michigan employees, James Heys. James Heys has made a noticeable impact across Acorn Health, where he has worked with families and children with autism for more than 4 years. He achieved his educational background in Michigan —he attended Western Michigan University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in General Psychology with an emphasis on ABA. He then attended St. Cloud State University for his Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis.

As a board-certified behavior therapist (BCBA) at Acorn Health’s Michigan location, he has worked alongside Dr. Greg Hanley and Dr. Kelsey Ruppel for supported implementation with skill-based treatment as well as in various training roles on top of his role as a BCBCA.

"At Acorn Health, I've had the privilege to work alongside some of the most supportive colleagues that I've known! Acorn has also encouraged me to take part in numerous professional development opportunities, which I appreciate."

He says that he is proud to serve families and children in Michigan. He says, “Michigan is my home state, and I've been glad to get back to my roots by being back in the area. It's this feeling of connectedness that makes practicing in Michigan such a great opportunity!

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