ABA is the gold standard of autism treatment

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The purpose of ABA therapy is to increase helpful behaviors and to reduce challenging or harmful behaviors that can also affect learning. Treatment can range from 10 – 40 hours per week, depending on the specific needs of your child.

Acorn Health:

  • Is an accredited regional provider of quality ABA services with expert clinical care
  • Offers both comprehensive and focused programs with a variety of scheduling options
  • Accepts most major insurances and will work with you to verify your insurance coverage
  • Provides a free consultation with one of our expert clinicians to answer all of your questions
  • Clinically assesses the needs of your child to create an individualized treatment plan
  • Partners with you in your ABA therapy journey and communicates your child’s progress along the way

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methods are data-driven and have been studied for decades. ABA is endorsed by the US Surgeon General, the American Psychological Association, Autism Speaks, and dozens of other leading research, medical, and advocacy organizations. Acorn Health is driving autism therapy forward with our careful combination of ABA best practices and our pioneering next practices.

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 “I often tell families that while we may be the experts on behavior, you are the experts of your child and success will come through the partnership we have together. ABA therapy is a commitment, but it is worth it!” 

The Acorn Approach

We studied the research and underlying evidence, and spoke with leading researchers and clinicians to understand what quality care should look like. With a Clinical Advisory Board of leaders in the field, Acorn Health developed new ABA standards. These guide all our operations, from our treatment approach to effectiveness measures to recruitment and performance management.


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