Meet Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gregory Worthington

August 17, 2021

Meet Acorn Health’s Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gregory Worthington

Acorn Health identifies the industry’s best clinical professionals to join our team, who are passionate and knowledgeable about helping children with autism achieve meaningful goals to improve their lives and independence. One of our most recent additions to our clinical staff is Dr. Gregory Worthington, PSYD, BCBA-D, who is now available to diagnose children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other mental illness disorders in the Michigan area. This capability will ultimately speed up the process for which children can begin receiving treatment, which we know is a hurdle for many families. Families who receive an ASD diagnosis can then take that information to any provider in their area if/when they are ready to receive ABA services or other recommended treatments. 

Meet Dr. Worthington and learn about why he’s so eager to bring hope to families affected by ASD: 

Dr. Gregory Worthington

Dr. Worthington obtained his doctoral degree in Chicago and then established a private psychology practice in Traverse City. During this time, he witnessed a growing need for effective services for children with ASD and wanted to gain knowledge to pursue this specialty. He recognized that research indicated that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) was and is the gold standard for treatment for ASD, so he became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (doctoral) and established ABA programs in Traverse City and Grand Rapids.

Acorn Health recognized the need to bring someone on board with the background and expertise that Dr. Worthington held. He was hired as a Clinical Psychologist to complete diagnostic psychological testing for new and existing clients in Michigan. Now, he oversees all aspects of diagnostic psychological testing to determine if ASD is present as well as to better understand if there are other mental health disorders to factor into treatment. After diagnostic testing, Dr. Worthington provides families individualized recommendations on how to pursue the most effective therapies for their child.

Through Dr. Worthington’s role, children will have broader and faster access to ABA therapy. He wants families to know that the time invested in their child’s therapy is worthwhile, and in his experience, many children make measurable gains in the right direction with regards to expanding essential skill sets and reducing problem behaviors.

Dr. Worthington says, “The key thing to remember is there is always hope. An accurate diagnosis unlocks the doors to effective treatments.” 

Dr. Worthington will be diagnosing children at the following Michigan locations: Traverse City, Gaylord, and the Grand Rapids area.