Acorn Health Opening Five New Locations in Mid-2022

July 7, 2022

Acorn Health is Sprouting Five New Locations Slated to Open in Mid-2022

Over the last several months, research continues to uncover groundbreaking information that helps us better understand the world of autism. Recent discoveries link to differences between the brains of boys and girls with autism, as well as sleep challenges for individuals with autism.

Every day, our community continues to uncover more about autism and how to better support families and individuals with autism. ABA therapy remains a constant and effective treatment option to consider, which is why Acorn Health continues to grow and expand across the United States. 

The Tampa Bay Times recently reported the need for more ABA providers, and how better access to providers can greatly increase the speed to which a child receives their diagnosis. With a diagnosis, then it becomes possible to receive early intervention, which has been tied to better outcomes and the opportunity for a child to reach their greatest potential.

Acorn Health is proud to add six new locations to our growing U.S. footprint, which now includes more than 65 total centers. The five newest locations are scheduled to open later this  summer and early fall, expanding capacity and increasing access to quality ABA therapy in several communities: 

With these two new locations in Clarksville and Hendersonville, there will now be a total of nine Acorn Health facilities in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee has more recently passed laws in support of ABA therapy services, so Acorn Health has seen an increased demand for services in this area of the country. 

Additionally, there will now be a total of seven Acorn Health centers in the state of Florida. As referenced in the Tampa Bay Times article, the demand for ABA therapy services greatly exceeds the availability in the state, so we hope to help families decrease their wait times for services and be able to enroll their children in ABA therapy as early as possible. 

As Acorn Health expands, one thing that stays the same is our commitment to the highest quality, most advanced ABA therapy services and practices. All our locations are Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® accredited, which means that every one of our facilities upholds the same, consistent high levels of care for our patients and their caregivers.You can expect streamlined processes, excellent service from our team members, progress measurement and reporting, collaboration with other providers, and a gentle and caring experience that puts your child first.

Acorn Health continues to evaluate where ABA services are most needed, and plans to continue its growth trajectory to make it possible for families to receive quality health care, conveniently. 

It is possible to schedule a complimentary consultation once your child is fully qualified for ABA therapy services and to learn more about what you can expect. For more information about how ABA therapy could help your child and your family, call Acorn Health at 844-244-1818 or submit an online inquiry form