Clinical Systems Develops Next Practices in ABA Therapy

September 27, 2021

Clinical Systems Demonstrates Acorn Health’s Commitment to Pioneering Next Practices in ABA Therapy

Acorn Health has proudly paved the way to provide families and children innovative and effective ABA therapy that enhances their lives. Everyone at Acorn Health is guided by our core values — authenticity, accountability, teamwork, growth, and hustle. These are not simply words that live on walls — they are ingrained in our actions, our plans, and our people. 

What Are Clinical Systems? 

One specific way our core values have been on display recently is the creation and rollout of our Clinical Systems. Clinical systems are organized groups of practitioners at Acorn Health across the United States who create resources and processes dedicated to behavior analytic goals and functions within the organization. These are 10 active workstreams that demonstrate how our teams are committed to growth and teamwork. At its core, ABA therapy promotes ongoing research of the latest advancements in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) treatment. We are applying those principles in our Clinical Systems to provide the most advanced resources for our team of clinicians.  

Over the past 6 months specifically, these 10 active clinical systems have conducted research and piloted action-oriented programs to help our organization stay on top of advancements and resources. Composed of 10 members who are located across all of our centers, each system includes a sponsor from a clinical pillar, and there are multiple active cohorts at any given time, so there are frequent opportunities to participate. Individuals within the Clinical System commit to 6 months of involvement, where they gain leadership skills, enhance their knowledge base, work with others, and understand how ABA can help individuals within their communities. Outputs of the various Clinical Systems have included handouts, materials, resources and presentations to various community groups and partners.  

One example of what a Clinical System completed included crisis intervention training in Illinois to 10 police departments, providing autism education information, training, and support. This program was conducted by the Alternative Populations/Settings Clinical System.  

“While the majority of systems are currently creating resources for Acorn Health providers and clients, we are very proud of expanding the work of the systems into the community,” said Claire Ellis, National Director of Training and Development at Acorn Health. 

10 Clinical Systems Descriptions

  • Clinical Skills: Responsible for the research and dissemination of best clinical practices which may include: NET, Direct Instruction, Skills Assessments, PECS/AAC devices, school collaboration, ACT, etc. 
  • Research: Responsible for the collaboration with FTF Behavioral Consulting, Dr. Hanley’s consulting agency, in the design and implementation of research projects. Dr. Hanley is the clinical advisor at Acorn Health, and this is just one of the many ways we partner with his team. 
  • Supervised Fieldwork: Responsible for the research and dissemination of up to date BACB supervision requirements and supervision best practices. 
  • Ethics/Social Responsibility: Responsible for research and dissemination of ethics best practices, topics of which could include trauma informed care, culturally competent practices, neuro-diverse best practices, etc.  
  • Central Reach/Curriculum Development: Responsible for the development and maintenance of CR clinical forms and curriculum as well as the training and dissemination of CR related content. 
  • Family Training: Responsible for the research and dissemination of best practices for family training. 
  • Behavioral Development: Responsible for the research and dissemination of developmentally appropriate practices to include interdisciplinary collaboration. 
  • RBT Training/Development: Responsible for the research and dissemination of best practices regarding Behavior Technician Training. 
  • Social Skills: Responsible for the research and dissemination of best practices within social skills development, assessment, and group teaching (i.e. social skills groups). 
  • Alternative Populations/Settings: Responsible for the research and dissemination of best practices in ABA areas outside the Autism population which may include adult consultation, community education, school consultation, etc. 

Acorn Health’s Clinical Systems are another example of its commitment to pioneering next practices that benefit its clients, practitioners and communities. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to learn about ABA therapy for your child, please call 844-244-1818.